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"With awareness of cultural diversity and the positive values of artistic regionalism, the Sandusky Cultural Center will provide educational and entertaining exhibits that stimulate an interest in the fine arts, provide a focus for multi-cultural awareness, and introduce complex issues and challenging concepts."


Thanks to the support and generosity of the community, Sandusky Cultural Center continues a tradition of bringing to the gallery known and aspiring artist, tapping talent regionally, and frequently, nationally or internationally as well. Visitors are afforded opportunities to view and acquire images and objects in diverse media.
In recent years the schedule has included five exhibitions per season, often coinciding with exhibitions at Off Center, adjacent to the Sandusky Cultural Center gallery.
The gallery is open to the public free of charge during scheduled events and hours.

We welcome organizations and school groups; the gallery can be made available for guided tours, workshops or as a meeting space. Arrangements can be made by contacting
Sandusky Cultural Center.

The history of the Sandusky Cultural Center is similar to the artistic evolution of our community. It began with the vision and energy of Frank Smith, who saw the Center's creation "lead to a greater role for Art in our community,"  and progressed for thirty-five years through the dedication and continued efforts of past and present board members, Mr. Smith's and Charles Mayer's directorships, Center staff and countless artists, friends and gallery visitors.

The early shows, which began in September 1967, ranged widely from the work of local school children to traveling exhibits loaned by or rented at nominal fees from organizations such as the Smithsonian. In the first years, the Dauch family donated a fountain that became the logo of the Center for many years. This fountain remains in the Off Center gallery at present.

Coupled with the growing public support was a gradual broadening of the work presented by the Center. Shows of local and regional artists began to replace traveling and loaned shows. By 1972 and 1973, the Center was attracting acclaimed artists from a wider area.

This evolutionary process has continued for the past fifteen years under the directorship of Charles T. Mayer.  A former student of and assistant to Frank Smith, Mr. Mayer has adhered to the mission of presenting "a wide variety of exhibits, some of which are meant to be educational and all of which are meant to be appealing as well. This mission was further defined in 1993 with the adoption of a formal mission statement.

It is finally the redemptive quality of art, of creating something from disparate elements, that makes it an essential part of our lives. The first thirty-five years of the Sandusky Cultural Center can best be described by  the title of one of its shows, "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts". From the host of artists, friends, volunteers, board members, staff and the vision of two talented directors has come a rich and complex tradition of artistic and educational excellence that is one of the area's greatest assets. While the Center's reputation in the professional community continues to grow, its future will ultimately be assured by the continued interest and support of gallery visitors.


Off Center
was started during the 1998-99 season as a new gallery of the Sandusky Cultural Center to display the work of young area artists.  Coinciding with Cultural Center exhibits, we mount shows of the best work being done by local students. In this way, Off Center supports and encourages young people in the pursuit of their artistic talents. We also hope to open the galleries to a new, younger audience of art lovers.

To see if there will be an Off Center show with a Cultural Center exhibition, check the current Season's Exhibition Schedule.