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Out of a Gourd
David and Guilda LeClerc Altman     Anna Arnold
Susan Begin     Diana J. Bjel     Stephanie Craig
Josh Haplea     Deborah S. Humberger     Pablo Hurtado
Nina Vivian Huryn     Natalie Kaltenbach     George Kocar
Patricia S. Krebs     Todd Leech     Charles T. Mayer
Mark Yasenchack     Teresa Yondo

April 13 - May 18,  2008

image of traditional gourds by the Hurtado Family The gourd is the only plant thought to have spanned the entire globe in prehistoric times. Fragments of gourds have been found dating back to 10,000 BCE, predating ceramics and textiles.  Gourds used as containers for carrying water and storing grains almost certainly were instrumental in the development of pottery.  Many early ceramic vessels imitate the shape of gourds.  They have also been used as musical instruments; drums, flutes and maracas are found in early civilizations. The Chinese and Japanese used the gourd as a symbol of longevity and imitated its form in many media.  In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, gourd containers were some of the most prized native posessions; carvings from that time show officials and deities holding decorated gourds filled with a traditional drink. The Sandusky Cultural Center has invited a group of contemporary artists to consider the gourd as an inspiration.  For some of them the gourd is a usual specialty; for others it is a new and perhaps unique form to which they have adapted their more accustomed media.

To innaugurate OUT OF A GOURD, David and Guilda Altman will present a short program demonstrating the drums they create from gourds at 2:00 on Sunday, April 13.

image of gourd carvingOn Sunday, May 11, Pablo Hurtado, from Cochas Chicos near Huancayo in the central highlands east of Lima, Peru will begin a week long residency in our gallery demonstrating his traditional gourd carving and decorating techniques.  Mr. Hurtado is one of that area's most accomplished and celebrated gourd carvers.  A public reception for all of our OUT OF A GOURD artists will welcome him to the Cultural Center.

Please plan to join us for both of these special events.

APRIL 13, 2008
Opening Reception
1-4 PM
Gourd Drum Demonstration
- David & Guilda Altman
2 PM
MAY 11
Reception for the Artists
1-4 PM
MAY 11-16
Pablo Hurtado in Residence
1-4 PM
MAY 18
Show closes, disassembly
1-4 PM

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