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OCTOBER 22 - NOVEMBER 26, 2006 *

detail from "Skeletoquarium" by John Bravaro

Bones of Contention II opens with a public reception for the artists
on Sunday, October 22 at 1:00 PM
Please plan to join us

To honor the season of Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, and All Souls Day, the Sandusky Cultural Center has gathered an exhibit of current art using skulls and skeletons. Sculpture, paintings, drawings, and assemblages in acrylic, oil, graphite, ink, stained glass, leather, porcelain, stoneware, polymer clay, bone and found objects as well as folk art from the Hispanic and Asian traditions illustrate the rich variety and depth of this subject. The artists' approaches range from the lightly humorous to the seriously reverential, but all reflect the strong individuality that marks creative people.

* The gallery will be CLOSED for the school holidays November 22, 23 & 24, as well as Saturday the 25th. As is customary, the exhibition will be disassembled on the last day of the exhibition, Sunday, November 26, and any items acquired are available for pickup on that day.

Ken Arthur
John Bavaro
Peter Billington
Diana Bjel
Barbara Chira
Erik Flesher
Salvador Gonzalez
Nina Vivian Huryn
George Kocar
Lynne Lofton
Charles Mayer
Michael Paulus
Nancy Prudic
Russ Revock
Matt Ritter
Melissa Rossi
Rafael Troya
Todd Wendt
Mark Yasenchack

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With awareness of cultural diversity and the positive values of artistic regionalism, the Sandusky Cultural Center provides educational and entertaining exhibits that stimulate an interest in the fine arts, provide a focus for multicultural awareness, and introduce complex issues and challenging concepts.

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