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Transformations: Art from Found Objects

Patti Fields, Jonathan D. Gott, Joshua Haplea,
Nina Vivian Huryn, Jaiymie K. Kiggins, Danny Locke

September 28-November 2,  2003

The 2003-2004 season at The Sandusky Cultural Center begins with an exhibit of the familiar given new identity and meaning.  Six artists, working in a variety of media, recycle common items in ways which challenge us to re-see our world. Gallery visitors will find themselves using their brains as much as their eyes.

Patti Fields, a Cleveland resident, transforms things as ordinary as a tape measure into remarkable jewelry.  Joshua Haplea, a gallery regular and Huron resident, further explores his interest in insect forms with new jewelry and framed objects.  Jonathan Gott, a Sandusky artist, assembles found material into sculptural forms.  Danny Locke also uses recycled material in his innovative work.  Nina Vivian Huryn, Cleveland, and a perennial favorite of gallery visitors, returns with new pieces.   Jaiymie K. Kiggins, of Columbus, works with welded metal.

Artists' use of "found objects" for the most part is new.  It's been around since the Dada movement of the early 20th century.  Well-known artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso as well as members of the Surrealist and Dada art movements first established a type of artmaking that explored the everyday world through ordinary objects, which artists could incorporate into works of art or alter in many ways.

However, these artists use of recycled materials put to other use brings another element that goes beyond the original Dadaists' intentions.  Humor, playfulness and irony are often central to making art with found objects, and can be found in the work displayed here.

The exhibit runs from September 28 through November 2.  There will be a reception for the public Sunday, September 28 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Off Center

Coinciding with Transformations, the Student Gallery at Sandusky Cultural Center, Off Center, features:

Island Treasures

Alex Booker-Dysert 
Bobby Coulon
Mallory Coulon
Skyler Gordon
Grant Grayson
Kevin Holmes 
Kimberly Holmes
Natalie Holmes 
Jessica Joyce
Katie Joyce
Benjamin Krzynowek
Crystal Krzynowek
Dennis Krzynowek
Billy Minshall 
Valerie Mowry 
David Oblinger
 Chris Petri
Krista St. Julian
Tyler St. Julian

Bonnie Shoff’s art students from the Kelley’s Island School show a variety of work, both representational and abstract, using diverse media.

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With awareness of cultural diversity and the positive values of artistic regionalism, the Sandusky Cultural Center  provides educational and entertaining exhibits that stimulate an interest in the fine arts, provide a focus for multicultural awareness, and introduce complex issues and challenging concepts.